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The Linden hotel is well-situated within the Jordaan quarter in Amsterdam, which is characterized by a rich history. The Jordaan was landscaped due to a large expansion of the city of Amsterdam in 1612, as working-class quarter for workers and immigrants. The Jordaan seemed to be able to fulfill this objective within reason till the 19th century, until the impoverishment struck the quarter. Moreover this impoverishment aggravated even more during the Second World War (1939-1945).

In the early seventies the local government saw potential in renovation and restoration of the Jordaan quarter. Work was initiated, and the investment seemed to be a rewarding choice. While the traditional residents of the Jordaan quarter -workers, immigrants- sought refuge in other quarters of Amsterdam and even other cities, quickly there place was taken by a new generation of residents such as artists, students, and young entrepreneurs. Due to the characteristics of this new generation of residents the Jordaan quarter made a transformation from deprived area to a prosperous, vibrant, and diverse quarter.

The Jordaan area is nowadays characterized by boutiques, small clothing shops, terraces, restaurants and many bars which are situated in narrow and romantic streets. One could explore the Jordaan quarter for days, while making new discoveries each time.

Furthermore the Linden Hotel is located in a historical building constructed in 1896. The typical triangle shape is unique and connects three streets together. From the doorstep of our hotel every point of interest in the Jordaan quarter, and other quarters of the Amsterdam city center, are just a stroll away.